Sorry, but “mankind” is gender-neutral

At a town hall event in Canada, Justin Trudeau, the Canadian prime minister, corrected a lady for saying “mankind” not “peoplekind”.

We like to say “peoplekind”, not necessarily “mankind”, because it’s more inclusive.

You can see the crowd cheered at his remarks.

After drawing backfire, he later claimed that it was a bad joke. But it’s not over yet. Gerald Butts, Principal Secretary to Trudeau, tweeted this:

However, “mankind” is gender-neutral

Unfortunately, many people wrongly associate the term “man” with “male dominance”.

In old English, males were called “werman”, and females “wifman”. The word “wif” itself eventually evolved into “wife”. The term “man” was gender-neutral and referred to both.

And even today, “man” can still be used in a gender-neutral way.

Seriously, can we please stop all these political correctness craze?


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